Nft and brands on roll…

In the digital environment, the brands are now working along the lines of NFT. With NFT in the picture, brands are making their way to create a unique brand experience and also help to spread brand awareness. For say, Gucci started selling digital sneakers which enhances the AR experience in total. And so, the experience of customers with the brand becomes more interactive.

Another one to talk about would be the Taco Bells. Taco Bells started selling Taco- themed NFT GIFs to support the Live Más Scholarship which is yet another good example of how brands are using NFT.

“Our Spicy Potato Soft Tacos can now live in your hearts, stomachs and digital wallets”- read the tweet from Taco Bells introducing NFT Gifs.

And with this move, Taco Bells not only raised brand awareness but also successfully helped a good cause.

E.I.f Cosmetics is also among the brands that sold out an initial NFT line which had 9 collectibles.

With the marketplace being highly competitive, rather than mass producing the products, brands are focusing on making more of personalized products for the customers to make it more special and enhance their experience with the brand.

Rook Perfumes’ in one such example who came up with their Scent of the Metaverse NFTs which comes with the chance for the buyers to participate in making a customized scent for their own.

Brands and the NFT marketplace working together is yet another digital revolution which has a long way to go. This not only helps the brand in becoming more known and increases brand value in the market but also customers interaction with the brand increases and makes them feel more valued and connected with the brand on a personal level.

Faiver is a platform that will publish unique content of arts, videos, audios, music, games, animations through NFT and sell them to fans.