NFT becoming more and more mainstream

The ever-growing interest in NFT has paved a new way to work around the digital market space.

2 min readJan 4, 2022

What was initially a difficult concept to grasp has become part of the mainstream now. If we are about to discuss the digital marketplace, we cannot miss out on mentioning NFT. With recent Google reports saying the NFT took over Crypto as the most searched popular trend of Google search engine, we can expect an even higher rise in the NFT.

Moreover, it is not just the artist eyeing NFT as a source of profit or finding another way to stay connected with fans or the audiences but investors have begun to realize NFT as a form of future assets with many spending millions to get that rare piece of art in their collection.

If we look at the past reports (as per, NFT sales have increased up to about $14.4 billion in the past year which is a considerably high rise in sales which accounted for about $65million in the year before.

Artists from different fields have shown a keen interest in the NFTs and became an uproar topic amongst the fanbase who readily add their favorite artists' NFTs to their own collections. Lionel Messi, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, Youtuber and musician PelleK, Quavo, Lil Baby, 2 Chainz, and Jack Harlow, and many others are a part of this popular trend NFT.

With the increasing usage of NFT in all kinds of spaces, brands could not miss this opportunity to enter the bandwagon and use NFT as a key tool for marketing and promotions. Popular brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Coca-Cola, and many others utilized NFT in their promotion campaign and received a great response from the consumers of the brand.

NFT has seen a massive increase in the interest that people have been showing from across the globe. The growth that NFT has been seeing over the past years has been incredible and much more is anticipated in the coming future.




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