Google Trends reveals that NFT has become the most popular search

Crypto is no longer the most popular search on Google’s search engine.

2 min readDec 27, 2021

What started as a not-so-familiar term has now become a word that can be heard in a day to day life in its most basic form.

A recent report from Google trends shows that NFT has become the most searched item of Google users which surpasses the previously most searched topic of interest, Crypto.

NFT or the non-fungible tokens are the unique and non-interchangeable tokens that have been attracting the interest of many across the globe. These tokens, which in starting were a vague or ambiguous concept for many, have now gathered the interest of everyone around the world and become the most popular search item in 2021.

With NFT exploring most of the digital boundaries, the interest seems to be never-ending as the users are given multiple values and purposes to explore their own talents and the utility of NFT for themselves. People can become artists and if not, the collectors, even investors, sponsors, observers, and whatnot. Not only this, many social projects have been started in the name of NFT which helps people to associate themselves with a good cause.

Other NFT trends like NFT staking, fractionalised NFT, NFT gaming have also been a major part for NFT to surge to these heights.

People have been bidding for millions of dollars to get that digital piece of art which definitely proves that NFT has the potential to become the future asset. The buying and selling of digital assets are endless which makes them a potential investment.




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