ARNFT- Shape a New Future of Art

It is like adding another dimension to your experience with the digital world.

NFT is not just a piece of art to appreciate through a screen but it’s time to get in in your living room.

NFT spreading in every sphere of the digital world and of course, AR cannot be left out, right? AR or the Augmented reality is a combination of real and virtual worlds that gives an interactive experience of the real-world object by enhancing them by computer- generated perceptual information.

AR paves way for the creator to give a new angle to any of the digital artwork. And with AR NFTs, one can visualize digital objects in the real-life environment. Any physical object can be created into a virtual one and projected through a smart device. For say, you have your favorite game which has already added Augmented reality NFT to its features, you could own a unique character that would only belong to you. Imagine having your own set of unique set of armors, decors and what not.

It is like adding another dimension to your experience with the digital world.

Let’s talk about why and how AR and NFT can be valuable to each other. In the first talks about how NFT has been bringing a change in how the digital industry works, AR in combination with NFT has added a new dimension to the digital world.

NFT giving the opportunity to the creator to decide on the quantity of the artwork and how it can be either a valued collectibles is making the digital world explore the new edges. The value that NFT gives any artwork that changes how a simple artwork can become a rare and most valued one making a digital scarcity will definitely add extra value to the work in combination with the AR.

In comparison to where one has been valuing a digital artwork, enjoying it in its’ 2D form, AR springs value through the ways that work can be utilized through augmented reality.

With NFT providing a new value to how the art is now created and perceived by the people, AR NFT, with its 3D aspect, allows us to interact with the work that was otherwise inside the flattened screens of our devices.

Faiver is a platform that will publish unique content of arts, videos, audios, music, games, animations through NFT and sell them to fans.